Bogachiel Peak Loop

This is a great hike but certainly won't get me any respect from climbers. You can take the trail to the summit and back in about 16.5 miles. I think it used to shorter but they have closed the more direct trail to the summit so you have to go around to the south side. For an extra 2.5 miles you can make a loop out of it which I highly recommend because the best views are from the High Divide from Bogachiel Peak to Heart Lake. Here are a few photos, enjoy!

Sol Duc Falls

Deer Lake

Seven Lakes Basin

Lorri on the summit of Bogachiel Peak with Olympus in the background

Hiking on the High Divide

Looking back at Bogachiel Peak and Seven Lakes Basin

Mount Carrie from the High Divide

Heart Lake

100 Classic Hikes in Washington; Ira Spring and Harvey Manning; Pages 236-237