Hoosier Hill, IN and Campbell Hill, OH

There is really nothing to report, both are drive ups and easily located with information available on summitpost.com. I am really only posting this to compensate for my bad memory... I was sent to Mansfield, OH for work so figured I should get these midwest lowpoints off my list.

Brandywine Falls, Cuyahoga National Park

Water Fowl at Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge - Note the Nuclear Plant Cooling Tower in the Background...

Hoosier Hill - Highest Point in Indiana

Sign on Campbell Hill

Campbell Hill - Highest Point in Ohio

The Best Thing About Cleveland? The Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame! (no photos allowed inside...)

On a second trip to Mansfield I rediscovered that there is nothing to do there... They might as well lock you up in the Ohio State Reformatory... Remember The Shawshank Redemption?