King Co. Medic One/Kent Fire Department Mt. Rainier Climb (Emmons Glacier Route)


This was a great trip! We were fortunate to have good weather and a good team. Five of our seven climbers reached the summit (Rodger K. and Scott G. from KFD; and Andy J., Silvia F. and myself from KCM1) at 7:00am on July 6th. A big thanks goes to Rodger Kacmarcik for all his effort in organizing the trip that gave him his 93rd ascent to the summit.

I am not giving much in the way of route information because everything changes so quickly, and more than one route is possible. The approach (see Glacier Basin/Steamboat Prow Trip) is from White River Campground to Glacier Basin, then up to 9000' on the Inter Glacier. From the 9000' level, drop onto the Emmons Glacier and up to Camp Schurman (9500') or Emmons Flats (9800') for a high camp. We departed our high camp at Emmons Flats at about midnight and headed up "The Corridor" for about 1500' then traversed toward the Winthrop Glacier and continued upward. The route was in great shape, with very few crevasse problems. We descended the same way we ascended with a slight variation between the summit and 11,500'.